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Oatmeal: The super food

Oatmeal: The super food

The exact origin of the oat is unclear, as there are many different varieties and species which makes pinpointing an exact origin difficult.

The oat grows on fields off of stems, similar to wheat. According to the Agricultural Department of the University of Iowa, USA, the oldest cultivation of oats was found in Switzerland, believed to be dating back to the Bronze Age.
The oat has been used for sustenance for many generations. It is considered a “super food” for its high fiber content, whole grain properties, and for being rich in nutrients like vitamin B, folic acid, magnesium, protein (about 6 grams per cup), among others.
oats-(oatmeal) avena y sus beneficios
Consider yourself lucky if you’ve been eating oats since your youth, because:
  • The oat is great for your heart! It cleans your arteries and prevents fat from building up, reducing the risk of heart problems and cancer.
  • The oat is high in fiber (about 4 grams per cup). The soluble fibers that are found in oats traps high-cholesterol substances in the intestines and expels them from the body. The insoluble fibers prevent constipation by scraping any debris off of the intestinal wall, slowly moving it to expel it from the body.
  • The oat prevents and combats obesity.
  • The oat is also an excellent source of energy.
  • Aside from being high in fiber, oats also provide carbohydrates and proteins.
Do you still need more reasons to eat it?
The presence of fiber in the oat helps people who suffer from acid reflux.
How can you see the oat as anything but a superfood essential to your daily diet?
Benefits-of-oatmeal-in-life beneficios de la avena
Oats can be eaten as a dish served alone with some milk, in pancakes, in drinks, bread, pasta… Let your imagination decide!
Share with me in the comments below your favorite way to eat oats! #cookandmove
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