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My Summer Movie Spectacular

During this long winter and my nine months of pregnancy, plus my recuperation time after the birth, what I most dreamed about was a spectacular summer, filled with adventures with my kids! I remember spending nights and weekends where the only thing my pio (that is, my husband) and I could talk about were the places we wanted to visit and the the things we wanted to do once our second baby was born.

Another of our fantasies that has always been at the top of our list was to show our children about the beauties of nature, and show them how fun it is to be out in the fresh air and how wonderful it feels to be in touch with it.

During my college days, every year, my sorority sisters and I waited anxiously for the summer to arrive to go camping. It always turned out to be a great adventure! Between the stories, games, the people we met… We’d have a blast jumping into the river, and always came back from camping to the city more unified than ever, and with our backpacks filled with beautiful memories we would never forget.

camping trip out in the jungle

cooking and camping

My summer movie spectacular would involve creating a tradition like the one I shared in my college days, with my family (PG-13, of course 😉 ). A total adventure would be to go to the “Gran Sabana” in my beloved. Venezuela. I never had the chance to go when I lived in the country, but I have always dreamed of visiting. I’m sure I’d find it’s no classic Bob’s in Wisconsin… LOL

camping trip verano espectacular

For the Gran Sabana, we’d need a super hero! To come by in his monstrous Ford 4×4 to get us across all those jungle terrains without trouble and getting stuck on the way LOL And, of course, he’d also have his super powers and every time there’d be a diaper to change, or the kids start to scream and cry, or the mosquitoes start to bother he’d come to the rescue… Sorry, sorry, I got caught daydreaming of my Ford Summer Spectacular where Cristian De La Fuente is a superhero with his super Ford… I imagine it just like that, with a hero to the rescue in my picture-perfect summer. (Between us, so that pio doesn’t find out 😉 ). #FordLocal

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 Tell me about your own picture-perfect summer with your family, and enter our drawing for the chance to win one of twenty prize packs with five movie passes to any movie theater in the United States. Good luck!

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